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What Would You Like to Know About Our Warehousing & Fulfillment Services?

Do you have a standard price list that you can send me that would show a breakdown of all your warehousing & fulfillment services?
No. We will provide a customized quote to fit your business requirements, with the price of each line item listed clearly. Line items will also be clearly detailed on your invoices for your convenience. Unlike many warehousing and distribution centers, Southern California Warehousing does not have any hidden charges or fees.

Are there different fees for order processing, storage, and handling in and out?
Yes. Pricing is based upon your specific requirements, and is clearly detailed on your price quote and invoices.

What are your set-up fees?
Zero. You will never have to pay a fee to get your account and inventory set up in Southern California Warehousing's system.

We have product that is manufactured overseas and the items come mixed in the container. Are you able to handle this? If so, how? 
Yes, this is one of the standard warehousing and storage services that we offer. Once your container arrives at our LA warehouse we will:

How do I send my orders to you for processing?
You can send your orders via email, .csv file, Excel file or FTP, or you may enter them into our online order management system. Our customized warehouse management system allows us to meet your order processing requirements.

How do you keep track of my inventory and how can I see it?
To track your inventory we use a user-friendly inventory management software system that was created specifically for 3PL (third party logistics) warehouses. You will have 24/7 online access to your inventory records, including the ability to view key reports such as item activity, real-time inventory, receiving and shipment status. In addition, notifications of key warehouse processes are automatically sent to you via email as they occur.

Where are you located?
Our LA distribution warehouse is strategically located between Los Angeles and Orange Counties, in La Mirada, California.

How long will it take to get our inventory set up at your facility?
Once your inventory arrives at our facility it will only take one to two business days to get your inventory organized and your desired services up and running.

I am concerned that when I have an important question or request and call in, I will be sent to voicemail instead of being able to speak with someone immediately. How can I avoid this situation?
During normal business hours our customer service staff will be available to answer your questions. If all staff members are assisting other customers, your call will be returned within 15 minutes. You will also have access to key employees' cell phone numbers.

What if I need a service that you don't offer?
As your distribution and warehousing provider we will always find a solution to meet your needs. If we cannot provide the service in-house we will find an outside provider that can, and then manage the process for you.

Request a Quote
To obtain a price quote please give us a call at 714-522-8900 or visit our
Request a Quote
page. We'll analyze your requirements and recommend the most cost-effective way to get your needs met.


"Southern California Warehousing has always provided cost effective and dependable service. Always there when I need them."
~ Jeff Kelsoe, President, Markel Enterprises LLC

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